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Work alongside community members to install off-grid solar power, while experiencing full immersion in rural life and local culture.

Upcoming Trips

Install a solar-powered grain mill in Jimling, Nepal

GRID Alternatives is bringing solar to Jimling, a remote community in Nepal's Chitwan district. On this trip, we will install a 3.78kW off-grid solar-powered grain mill to improve local agroprocessing and income generation, while experiencing full immersion in rural Nepali life and culture. Agroprocessing is critical to daily life in Jimling since the rural community grows its own food. The solar-powered mill will allow community members to process higher volumes of grains with greater efficiency and convenience. The mill will benefit approximately 100 households, who will be able to hull and crush their grains mechanically. Learn more.  

Dates: May 5-14, 2017
Location: Jimling, Chitwan, Nepal
Trip Fee: $2,000 per person

Solarize a school in rural Nicaragua

On this trip, participants will work alongside community members to install an off-grid solar system on a local school while experiencing full immersion in rural Nicaraguan life and culture. The system will provide lights and AC power to support and improve the quality of communication, education, and recreation for community members. Electricity at the school enables the teachers and residents to charge their cell phones and plug in small appliances. Classes can be offered in the evenings at a convenient time for working adults and the teachers will be able to plan their lessons at night without having to commute into town to use electricity. Learn more. 

Dates: July 22-30, 2017
Location: San Sebastián de Yalí, Jinotega, Nicaragua
Trip Fee: $1,600 per person

Install solar home systems in an off-grid community

The community of San Isidro lies in the north central region of Jinotega in Nicaragua. Jinotega is known for its cool climate, its mountainous terrain, and its ideal conditions for growing coffee. Most people make their living growing crops and raising cattle. Many families use kerosene or diesel lamps in their homes to see at night, even if they are aware that they are at risk for respiratory illnesses, because it is the least expensive option. The solar home systems you install will provide each household with light and AC power outlets so families can use regular home appliances like lamps, cell phones, TVs, computers, and fans. Help us build a brighter future for San Isidro! Learn more.

Dates: October 7-15, 2017
Location: San Isidro, Jinotega, Nicaragua
Trip Fee: $1,600 per person


Join GRID Alternatives for an improved cookstove project!

Building upon our work to improve health conditions and well-being of Nicaraguan families, GRID is launching our first project to construct improved cookstoves in rural homes. Even in homes with access to clean energy through solar, the kitchen is a place where families are still exposed to harmful smoke from cooking over open flames. Improved cookstoves are more efficient, which means less wood, fewer emissions, and saving women time. Improved cookstoves ensure that smoke doesn't make its way into the home, and significantly reduce the risk of fire and health hazards. Sign up today for a transformational week-long journey! Learn more. 

Dates: November 25-December 3, 2017
Location: El Pedregal, Boaco, Nicaragua
Trip Fee: $1,600 per person

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