What We Do

All of GRID Alternatives' programs point to the same triple bottom line: People, Planet, Employment: energy cost savings, hands-on installation experience, and a source of clean, local energy that benefits us all.

Solar Programs

GRID Alternatives provides no- to very-low-cost solar power for low-income families while providing hands-on installation experience for job seekers and community volunteers. We also offer technical assistance and turnkey installation services to multifamily affordable housing developers, and are working with cooperative, municipal and investor-owned utilities to develop the first community solar projects in the country dedicated to low-income communities.

Workforce Development

Hands-on experience is central to our model, and we want to help turn that experience into meaningful employment opportunities for people in communities we serve. We have several programs and initiatives to provide training and connect employers to job seekers.

Tribal Program

GRID Alternatives partners with tribal communities to help them achieve their clean energy goals while providing financial savings and job training opportunities to improve their members' quality of life.  

International Program

Through our International Program we provide opportunities for individuals and teams to travel with us to Nicaragua or Nepal, gaining a first-hand view of our international work in action while supporting sustainable rural electrification projects.

Get Involved
Women in Solar

Women’s voices, talents and leadership are needed more than ever to build a strong and sustainable industry. Join Women in Solar for webcasts, women's builds, and more.