Solar Spring Break

GRID Alternatives Solar Spring Break
Come soak up some rays on your winter or spring break while learning to install solar and bringing clean, renewable power to families in need! Locations include California, Colorado, New York, Nicaragua and Washington, D.C.

GRID Alternatives' Solar Spring Break gives college students from around the country the opportunity to spend their vacation week installing solar in underserved communities. More information about Solar Spring Break 2018 coming soon!

"Solar Spring Break with GRID Alternatives on the Central Coast has been the best week of my life so far!”  -- Abhishek Rao, Arizona State University 

"The combination of helping the community and the environment gives meaning to my spring break." --Nicolle Martin, North Carolina Central University 2016

“Solar Spring Break was awesome, I gained experience in my future career field that will be excellent to reference in the future!" -- Kevin Shen, University of Michigan 2018

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Solar Spring Break 2017 is sponsored by Wells Fargo.

The following colleges and universities are participating in Solar Spring Break 2017:

Dates School GRID Office Location
12/12-12/16 Santa Clara University Chico, CA
2/27-3/3 University of Michigan San Diego, CA
3/6-3/10 Beloit College Denver, CO
3/6-3/10 Michigan State University Sacramento, CA
3/6-3/10 North Carolina State University Atascadero, CA
3/6-3/10 Arizona State University San Diego, CA
3/13-3/17 University of North Carolina Washington, DC
3/13-3/17 Duke University Fresno, CA
3/13-3/17 University of Massachusetts Los Angeles, CA
3/13-3/17 North Carolina Central University - Team 1 San Diego, CA
3/13-3/17 North Carolina Central University - Team 2 San Diego, CA
3/20-3/24 University of Nevada - Reno Atascadero, CA
3/20-3/24 California State University - East Bay - Team 1 Riverside, CA
3/20-3/24 Mills College Willits, CA
3/27-3/31 University of California - Berkeley Oakland, CA
3/27-3/31 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Los Angeles, CA
3/29-4/1 California State University - East Bay - Team 2 Fresno, CA


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