Solar Spring Break

Come soak up some rays on your spring break while learning to install solar and bringing clean, renewable energy power to families in need!

Registration for spring 2014 is closed, please email with questions or inquiries regarding the program. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see this year's Solar Spring Break groups in action!

GRID Alternatives' Solar Spring Break, in partnership with World Wildlife Fund, gives college students from around the country the opportunity to spend their spring vacation week installing solar in underserved communities with GRID Alternatives.  Each project will host 10-12 college students travelling to one of GRID Alternatives' offices in California or Colorado. Participants must be 18 or older.

GRID Alternatives will provide:
Solar Spring Break

Why GRID Alternatives?

Your work will give low-income families access to solar power. These are families who wouldn’t otherwise have access to, but could benefit the most from, renewable energy. Not only will this reduce the economic burden of high electricity bills for these families, but it will also significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions, curbing the impacts of global climate change.


Your team will raise a minimum of $5,000, which covers the cost of the installation process. Fundraising activities might include personal solicitations, or fundraising events. You will also cover your travel costs. Check out our fundraising Toolkit to help you get started - it's easy!

What Kind of Work is Involved?

No experience or tools necessary! Each team is led by an experienced volunteer leader, and GRID Alternatives will provide everything you need. If you’re uncomfortable with heights or ladders, groundwork is available!