We believe that our nation’s transition to clean energy must include everyone, especially those families in our most economically disadvantaged communities who are struggling each month to pay electric bills, put food on the table, and provide for their children.

Generating happy families: meet Yolanda Menjivar

Yolanda emigrated from El Salvador 29 years ago to South Los Angeles. She is the head of her household, supporting a family of 11 spanning three generations, all under one roof. She dreamed of going solar for years because of her high utility bills, but never thought she could afford it. Soon after applying for our program, she witnessed her dream of solar come true as a team women volunteers and job trainees hoisted panels to her roof. "I feel so proud of the girls that are doing the job,” she said with a huge smile as she watched the installation. She looks forward to using the savings, an estimated $31,000 over the lifetime of the system, to help put more food on the table and better care for her family. "This really means a lot for my family and myself." Watch her excitement for yourself:

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