Meet the Martinez Family

Floricel and Arturo Martinez are migrant farm workers, picking grapes in the Central Valley in the spring and moving themselves and their two children to Washington in the summer to pick cherries. They bought and built their home in rural Fresno county in 2011 through Self-Help Enterprises, a self-help affordable housing program, but even so, making the mortgage is a constant worry during the off-season. When they heard that GRID Alternatives would put solar on their home, they could hardly believe it.

During the annual GRID Alternatives Central Valley Solarthon they worked alongside a team of Wells Fargo volunteers to install their system. It is expected to reduce their electricity bills, which averaged $210 per month, by more than 75 percent. "We are so happy. We didn't think it was possible," said Floricel. "And while we are saving money, we are taking care of the environment." The savings, she says, will go to food and clothing, and maybe even a trip to the mountains for her two young boys.

By The Numbers

System size: 2.7kW

Lifetime energy production: 151,000kW

Lifetime savings: $25,000

Lifetime CO2 savings: 85 tons

Equivalent trees planted: 2000

Equivalent happiness: Immeasurable

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