SASH Eligibility Requirements

The SASH Program provides qualifying low-income homeowners up-front rebates to defray the costs of installing a solar electric system. Depending on your income level, you may be eligible for an entirely free system, or a highly subsidized one. To become a GRID Alternatives client in California you must meet SASH eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants must:

  • Receive electrical service from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), or San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Own and live in their home.
  • Have a household income that is 80% or below of the area median income. This will be based on the previous year's tax return. Click here to view the median income in your county.
  • Live in a home defined as "affordable housing". "Affordable housing" is defined by California Public Utilities (P.U.) Code 2852, and is generally defined as a home that cannot be sold without restrictions on the real estate market. This can take many forms, which include the following.
    • Single-family home has a resale restriction or an equity sharing agreement with a public entity or nonprofit affordable housing provider
    • Single-family home is part of a multi-family complex supported by public funds to enable selling the home at an affordable cost to low income families. Resale is restricted to selling the home to other low income families
    • Single-family home was purchased through a first time homebuyer program or loan program that uses state or federal HOME funding
    • Other: Implicit resale restrictions

Rebate Levels

The main determinant of the size of the rebate for your solar electric system is your income level. If your income level is less than 50% of the local median income, you may be eligible for a free 1 kW system. If your income level is greater than 50% and less than 80% of the local median income, you are likely eligible for a highly subsidized system.

The following chart describes the specifics of the rebate levels. The "Solar Incentive level in Dollars per Watt" refers to how much of the up-front installation cost of a solar system that the California Solar Initiative (CSI) will reimburse, based on federal income taxes in the year prior. Photovoltaic systems for homes are sized in kiloWatts (kW), so, if the rebate level is $4.75 per Watt, and your system is designed to be 2 kW, you are eligible for $9,500 rebate towards the cost of your system.

SASH Program: Solar Incentives in $/Watt

Federal Tax Liability

(Income tax in prior year)

CARE*-Eligible Homeowners

Homeowners not eligible for CARE*










*If the Applicant qualifies for the CARE program but is not currently enrolled, GRID Alternatives will work with the Applicant to enroll them into the CARE program.

To download an informational brochure about the SASH Program, please use the following links. (link to different languages)

Think you qualify? Call GRID Alternatives toll-free at (866) 921-4696 or e-mail to coordinate a pre-screening phone conversation. You can also contact your local GRID Alternatives office.

Click here for a multi-lingual SASH brochure.

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