Case Studies

Solar Home Systems: El Platanal, Nicaragua

El Platanal is a remote community in Nicaragua that is home to 246 people. GRID Alternatives worked with El Platanal in 2013 to install solar on the local school, and again in 2015 to install solar home systems to further transform the community with access to electricity. Impacts from access to solar energy include new educational possibilities, the ability to use electricity for lighting and activities at home, improved health and savings for families by eliminating dependence on kerosene, and increased opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Read more

Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation: Jucuapa, Nicaragua

Nelson and Johana Valle are farmers in the community of Jucuapa in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They support their young daughter, Ixil, and Nelson's mother, Marina. In the midst of a multi-year drought, they struggled to earn a profit. GRID designed and installed a 370W DC-direct solar-powered drip irrigation system as a solution. Impacts from the system include higher earnings, more diverse crops, less time collecting drinking water, more reliable electricity for home appliances, no more trips to buy diesel fuel, more income for neighbors, and more locally grown food available all year round. Read more

Solar-Powered School & Health Clinic: El Guaylo, Nicaragua

El Guaylo is a rural community of 261 people located in Estelí, Nicaragua. The region is known for its mild climate and forested mountains. Its largest city was heavily affected by the civil war in the 1980s. The electric grid does not reach many rural areas in Estelí, including El Guaylo. Most homes rely on kerosene lamps or flashlights with batteries that must be replaced every two weeks. GRID worked with El Guaylo to install a 920W PV system on the school and a 490W system on the health clinic. Impacts include access to technology, entrepreneurship opportunities, better medical care, and savings of time and money. Read more