PG&E Fellow Turns Opportunity into Opportunity for Others


March 29, 2017


Daisy Meyer carries a solar panel with an employee volunteer from PG&E.
Daisy (left) works with an employee volunteer from PG&E to install solar on a home in San Francisco.

Daisy Meyer knows exactly what it takes to land a job in solar--she’s done it. And now she’s turning that experience into opportunities for others.

Daisy got her start in solar as a PG&E Solar Fellow at GRID in 2015, one of a cohort of 40 AmeriCorp Fellows hired into GRID’s SolarCorps program, eight of which were sponsored by PG&E. She spent a year learning the ins and outs of the industry and getting hands-on training and job experience. When she finished, she realized that the job she wanted was right here at GRID, helping others have the same chance she had been given.  

Since being hired on, first as Workforce Coordinator and now Workforce Development Manager for GRID Bay Area, Daisy has pioneered new and exciting workforce development initiatives. In her first year, she developed a Women’s Training Intensive, a week-long program that includes hands-on solar training, visits to local companies, networking, resume reviews and interviews with local employers. It  has since become an annual occurrence, and a model adopted by other GRID offices.

A group of women pose in front of a home where they just installed solar on the roof.
Daisy (right) poses with participants of the 2016 Women in Solar Training Intensive after installing solar on a local home.
She’s also developing strategies for reaching high schoolers through GRID’s Solar Futures program, to educate them about solar and inspire them to pursue careers in the industry. Earlier this month she helped organize an event with Oakland Charter School where students learned how to build solar-powered miniature cars to understand how the technology works. This year she’s planning four solar installations with local high schools, culminating with a High School “Solar Summit,” where students will explore career opportunities.

“What I love most about my work is that I get to help people set goals, determine their learning styles, explore career pathways, and--most importantly--get the experience and training that will help them actually get jobs,” Daisy said.

Daisy is eager to continue helping job seekers throughout the Bay Area get connected to training and employment opportunities, encouraged by the positive outcomes of some of the initiatives she’s piloted over the past two years. “Every time I connect someone with training, or with job opportunities, it reminds me that I’ve come full circle,” she said. “PG&E helped me, and now I’m in a position where I can help others.”

Thanks to PG&E for supporting GRID’s SolarCorps program, and for helping fellows like Daisy get the experience they need to make positive impacts in the industry!